Choosing The Automation Technology For You

Finding the system that will work best for you

There are many incredible automation technology options on the market now, with more emerging and the existing always improving. So, it can be a bit of a challenge to know which one is right for you and your building. The ‘right’ choice for you takes into consideration budget, if it’s an existing or new build, and what you hope to include. Different softwares will have different capabilities, programming time and costs. At Ryelec, we typically stick to 4 systems that we have extensive experience in. These 4 systems cover all bases so we are able to offer integration of almost anything our clients desire. We know these systems to be reliable, incredible and all-encompassing.




Clipsal by Schneider’s C-Bus Automation Controllers provide entry-level yet still incredible automation systems mainly for lighting, blinds, and climate control in homes. Also used for commercial BMS systems to control large amounts of lighting, shades, climate, and power tags as it allows for visualisation editing, meaning we can create a completely custom interface with floor plan representation to suit your venue. Our Zenith Graphics Packages use Clipsal automation technology, allowing for a completely custom app design on iPad/touchpanel and smartphone.



RTI is near limitless in its capabilities to integrate whatever you like into your automation system with completely customisable touchscreen, smartphone and smart remote interfaces. Creates dynamic systems where all the technologies in the home talk to one another. This makes it a popular choice for high-end custom home automation systems. Also a great choice for small commercial venues wanting high-level control.



Savant is highly advanced yet easy-to-use. Commonly used in high-end homes and entire smart home upgrades, Savant allows you to tie in with other softwares to create a full home project all controlled from the one highly intuitive, easy-to-use, and stylish default interface. Take photos of your own space and easily set them as backgrounds on your Savant app. Savant have a beautiful range of modern, smart and impressive touchpanels, remotes and switches.



KNX is a control system developed to allow products from various manufacturers to work seamlessly together. This allows for native control of entire buildings. Since it is non-brand dependent, it is future-proof and has endless flexibility and personalisation. Our favourite brand to use with KNX is Basalte – renowned for their beautiful interfaces and ultra-modern, luxurious, and massively expansive switch options.




Smart Home App on iPadSmart Home App on TouchscreenSavant Smart Home Products with Clipsal Cbus switchesBasalte Ellie Touch Panel




Get Started with Automation Technology at our Showroom

Whilst the above information provides a brief introduction, the easiest and most-enjoyable way to choose the right automation system for you is to visit our showroom and experience the different softwares for yourself. An appointment at our showroom is the perfect opportunity to gain a deeper understanding on automation and see how incredible it really is, and also to ask our knowledgeable staff any questions you may have, so you leave feeling certain on what you’d like automation to look like for you, and excited for your system to come together!

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