Custom Smart Venue & Smart Home Design

Developing A Custom Smart Home Design


There are some incredible automation technologies currently on the market, and for those projects that benefit from further personalization, a selection of the technologies allow for completely custom smart venue or smart home design. That means there is total control over what the apps that control the smart home or venue look like.

In a commercial space, this could look like a simplified floor plan of the venue on their wall-mounted tablet app, which staff can then tap on an area to control. Actual photos of the venue could be set as the app backgrounds. The venue’s logo displayed throughout. Transforming business practices.. adding style and luxury to the already-impressive automation systems. In the most user-friendly way, incase of high staff turnover.

At home, personalized automation means all the text labels and background images relate to the actual home and family. The app is configured in a way that suits the home best and all the elements of the smart home can be integrated into one system, rather than having to use multiple apps to control different things around the home.



Fully Customizable Technologies


There are a few technologies in Australia that allow for fully custom smart home design, and more on offer internationally. We frequently use the Clipsal Wiser C-Bus SpaceLogic Application & Network Automation Controllers.  Which is very similar to the worldwide KNX LogicMachine, and projects can be used between the two with some object list updates.

Clipsal Wiser allows for diverse integration, including lighting, shades/blinds/windows, climate control, security, pool/spa control, irrigation, energy monitoring and some audio-visual + more. When editing these completely custom automation systems, previous project files can be loaded into the software and then customized to suit each job. This saves a lot of time, as the otherwise blank software can then be filled with hundreds of icons, background images, sample pages and custom CSS code and javascript. Ryelec has a number of project files available as graphics packages for use with the SpaceLogic and LogicMachine technologies.

Let’s take a look at how we’ve used these graphics packages to develop custom smart venue and smart home design projects in the past.




Personalized Smart Home Design


When it comes to smart home design, the number one priority when creating the apps should be usability. The navigation should be intuitive and control of the home should be as quick as possible, with minimal taps. Our Zenith Residential package takes the hard work out of creating a custom smart home design from scratch and provides a user-friendly sample app interface for tablet and phone that just needs a bit of further personalization. The layout of the sample project has been specifically designed with user behaviour in mind and follows the latest modern user interface design principles. All of our following automation projects were created using the one Zenith Residential package…


This Smart Home in Woollahra

The video below explores a custom smart home design in Woollahra and shows how CBus automation can be integrated around the home.



Smart Home Template for Custom Smart Home Design with Clipsal CBus Automation  Clipsal CBus Smart Home App Template with Lighting Control for Smart Home Design



This Custom Smart Home Design in Mona Vale

The Zenith Residential package matched beautifully with this beachside home in Mona Vale. The white Clipsal EDLT switches looking great next to our custom smart home design interface.


Luxury Smart Home App Template for Clipsal CBus Smart Home Design  Clipsal CBus Smart Home Design Template Package




Dark Interior Smart Home Design in Paddington


This project was created using the exact same Zenith Residential package, however it was wall-mounted using a black iPad mount on a black wall. We love the way this adds sophistication to the interface and how well the app design transfers between different home surroundings.


Clipsal CBus Smart Home Graphics Template for custom smart home design



Smart Home Design with our Starter Package


Alongside the Zenith complete packages, we also offer Zenith Starter, which is a small-scale graphics package for automation systems that have less inclusions and therefore need a simpler navigation. We programmed this smart home in Abbotsford using Zenith Starter.

Upgrade CBus Smart Home Design  Automated Floor Heat Control with Clipsal Wiser for Custom Smart Home Design



Building Automation Design Customized to The Venue

Custom automation can really shine in commercial situations. Having the ability to design the app interface means we can add business logos, photos of the venue, and customize the navigation to best suit the staff. We offer a Zenith Commercial graphics package, which can be modified to suit any venue, with hundreds of background images of various commercial spaces. This commercial package has been used to program all the smart building automation systems below.


This Rooftop Bar in Sydney


Custom automation allows us to design and place floor plans onto the app pages for commercial projects, with lighting indicators and visual depictions that make controlling venues easier than staff could ever dream. This Rooftop Bar has over 20 opening roofs, which transform the bar on a sunny day. Along with 12 electric heaters and many groups of lighting. Before automation, staff used individual remotes PER ROOF AND HEATER to control everything. Imagine a large box of remotes and staff wasting a lot of time trying to figure out what each remote controlled. We used the Zenith Commercial package to integrate all the lighting, roofs and heaters into one system and develop an incredibly user-friendly app.




Custom App Design for this Samsung Showroom


Our Zenith Commercial package was perfect for this Samsung Showroom as we could use gradient backgrounds to match the techy vibe of Samsung. The Zenith interface makes this app blend in with its surroundings, creating the illusion that it’s all just part of the technology on offer. The interface design is simplified for this small-scale project but still allows in-depth control of the venue by staff.



Samsung Automation Graphics for CBus Commercial Automation


Custom Automation Design for this Restaurant


Another great example of the one Zenith Commercial package being easily modified to suit any venue. This custom automation app brings this restaurant forward many years and has transformed business practices for the venue. It is a stylish design that matches the venue, with user-friendly navigation, floor plan display and trading scenes.


Smart Venue and Smart Home design graphics for venue controlVenue and Smart Home Design for custom building automationSmart Venue and Smart Home Control Automation Graphics



This is just a selection of automation projects created using our Zenith interface packages, but there have been many more! All of them created by simply loading in a preprogrammed sample project that is specifically designed to save hours of programming time. Then we just modify the pages to suit the project we’re creating.

Creating Clipsal Wiser projects is simple with Zenith!



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