C-Bus DMX Scripting Module


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The C-Bus DMX Lighting Scripting Module includes the essential scripting and configuration information to integrate into DMX lighting drivers with a Clipsal C-Bus 5500SHAC/NAC automation system. DMX / Digital Multiplex is the standard digital communication protocol that is used to remotely control intelligent lighting fixtures. Purchasing a scripting module from Ryelec provides you with an instant download that includes the following:

  • Schneider Configuration guide with in-depth information about using the script.
  • Sample project file with the scripting pre-loaded and sample pages demonstrating how to configure your project.
  • Sample project includes the default Clipsal sample page as well as a Ryelec sample page using our Zenith Interface Package for DMX lighting control.
  • Visual guide document for using Zenith with multi-colour lights.
  • Scripting files also provided separate to the sample project for importing into your own projects.
  • Additional setup support is available with Ryelec.
  • A DMX control console can be used alongside the SHAC/NAC.

Have a pre-sales or support question?

Upon purchase of the C-Bus DMX scripting module, you will be provided with a download folder. This download folder will also be emailed to you. Save this folder to your computer. Inside this folder is the C-Bus DMX Schneider Configuration Guide, the scripting library, a sample project file and information about using the script with our graphics interface package, Zenith.

Extract all these components for safe keeping and then read the configuration guide for extensive instructions for working with the scripting module.

The module may be downloaded and used on your automation projects an unlimited amount of time. However, under no circumstance can it or any of its components be shared, resold or copied. By purchasing this module you are agreeing to these terms.

This module was developed by certified personnel and Light & Room Control EcoXpert partner. It is designed to be used with a Clipsal 5500SHAC/5500NAC, however, Ryelec is a separate company to Clipsal by Schneider.

Because the products we offer are digital and cannot be returned, refunds can only be offered under certain circumstances, please read our refund policy here.


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