Icons FREE. Nearly 1000 Icons for Smart Homes


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Icons FREE!
Diverse Icons for Smart Homes | 961 icons

Ryelec has been developing smart home icons and graphics packages for several years now. As we learn and refine our designs, older styles are phased out and replaced with new and improved graphics packages. But the older icons remain just as useful for automation systems. So we’ve combined previous icons into one download and we’re letting you get these icons free!

Features Dusk, Quartz & Abode Icon Packs. Nearly 1000 icons free! Use these on your home or commercial automation projects. Or whatever else you’re creating. All-encompassing icon library with room icons, weather, symbols, controls, toggles/dimmers, shapes + more. Various icon styles to suit whatever you’re creating.

Included with these icons free is:

  •  A ‘Control and Indicators Icons’ folder with a mixture of toggles/dimmers, indicators and other assorted control icons to be used on all projects. 134 icons.
  • The Dusk Icon Pack. Dark theme with black icon backgrounds. 283 PNG icons.
  • The Quartz Icon Pack. Vibrant theme – white icons with pops of colour. 297 SVG icons.
  • The Abode Icon Pack. Light theme with white icon backgrounds. 247 PNG icons.
  • Text document with instructions

So many icons free for you to create impressive and user-friendly app designs. Enhance the systems you’re developing.

Whilst these icons were developed to be used on the Clipsal C-Bus SHAC/NAC, your download acts as a personal or commercial license to use the icons on any software or project. Not to be resold.


Have a pre-sales or support question?

After you register to get your icons free, you will be provided with a download folder. This download folder will also be emailed to you. Save this folder to your computer. Inside this folder is the Dusk Icons, Quartz Icons, Abode Icons, a folder of various control/indicators icons, plus a Text Document with information about using the icons with the specific automation software they were created for.

Extract all these components for safe keeping and then read the Text Document for instructions of how to install the icons onto your Clipsal C-Bus Automation Controller.

The free icons may be downloaded and used on your automation projects an unlimited amount of time. However, under no circumstance can it or any of its components be shared, resold or copied. By downloading these icons free you are agreeing to these terms.

Because the products we offer are digital and cannot be returned, refunds can only be offered under certain circumstances, please read our refund policy here.

If you are looking for more support with designing smart home apps, take a look at our Zenith Interface Packages. Zenith includes a sample project for the Clipsal C-Bus Spacelogic Automation Controllers so you can load in the file and simply modify it to suit your job. This sample project can also be replicated across other automation softwares. Saves hours of time and results in professional projects. The Zenith icons are white with transparent details so they look amazing on wallpaper images. High-quality SVG formats that render beautifully on screens and make for modern and stylish app designs. Zenith includes hundreds of wallpapers and shapes to ensure you have all the graphic components necessary to make aesthetic and user-friendly interface designs.


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