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We are proud to have created a reputation for high-quality work and technical excellence, with a repertoire of amazing smart homes we’ve been lucky to be involved in, all with varying needs and solutions to create the most convenient, reliable and stand-out systems. You can explore some of the diverse smart homes and venues we have recently undertaken below


The perfect example of design meets technology. Take a look at this KNX smart home where extensive integrations are all joined into one system and controlled from sophisticated and stylish Savant & Basalte products. We installed a full automation system as well as home security, audio-visual and geothermal energy management.

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A seamless install attributed to Ryelec taking on the entirety of the electrical, automation, security and home audio. Minimised trades, centralised communication, and certainty that all the correct provisions were in place for intelligent building control. Ryelec’s integrators, electricians and graphic designers working together to develop, install and program this highly tailored and thought-out system.

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Savant in Caringbah South

Diverse integrations for a dynamic Savant home automation system with intelligent technology. Modern, crisp white product choices to match the overall minimalist aesthetic of the home. Incredible home audio system and advanced security system provided by Ryelec.

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Newington College

Advanced upgrade of an old BMS system to multiple Clipsal C-Bus NACs for incredible building control & scheduled automation – leading to massive savings. The school was converted to a Clipsal C-Bus system with many 5500NACs used throughout the campuses (Network Automation Controllers). These networks all talk to one another. Management staff control the system by first viewing a campus floor plan and clicking on an area to be taken to that building’s NAC. Each building then has a floor plan display for each level, where staff can click into a room and control the lighting and climate. Indicators are present on the floor plans to quickly display where something is running.

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The Imperial at Clifton

An iconic, historic pub dating back to 1911 that sat vacant for 20 years, restored beyond its former glory. With respectful restoration and a beautiful combination of old and new, the Imperial Hotel maintains its reputation as an Illawarra landmark. ‘New’ including modern venue control and advanced automation – a Clipsal C-Bus 5500SHAC allows all the internal and external lighting to be controlled from Ethernet Touchpanels placed in key areas around the venue. Floor plans display where lights are turned on, and staff simply tap an area to pop-up the lighting control.

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Bunker House

An excellent expression of the ways in which automation can intertwine with every detail of a home. This automation system was carefully crafted with personalised app interfaces to ensure controlling this incredible house is seamless, user-friendly and all-encompassing. RTI software has been used to integrate the diverse and extensive components that make up this home into one dynamic and cross-communicating system.

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