Newington College


Commercial Automation, Multiple Clipsal C-Bus 5500NACs

Advanced upgrade of an old building management system to multiple Clipsal C-Bus NACs for incredible building control & scheduled automation – leading to massive savings.

The outdated building management system at this large school could not handle the extensive lighting and climate zones across multiple buildings – crashing regularly and disrupting school practices. It was also operated from quite a confusing interface, meaning only a select few staff members could operate it. Often lighting and aircon would be continuously left on – wasting resources and costing money – evident by the thousands of dollars in reductions the school has seen in power bills since we created a new commercial automation system for them.

School Building Management System Sydney


The school was converted to a Clipsal C-Bus system with many 5500NACs used throughout the campuses (Network Automation Controllers). These networks all talk to one another. Management staff control the system by first viewing a campus floor plan and clicking on an area to be taken to that building’s NAC. Each building then has a floor plan display for each level, where staff can click into a room and control the lighting and climate. Indicators are present on the floor plans to quickly display where something is running.

The school now primarily runs from time and day based schedules and scenes that have been created in discussion with management staff for what would work best for them. An intelligent building solution supported by motion sensors placed in select areas which talk to the system. These sensors are programmed to detect if a room has been empty for a determined amount of time, and shut down the lighting and climate control in that room if so. In areas such as woodwork rooms, sensors trigger extraction fans, providing safety and convenience.

Reliable and modern commercial automation transformed this school’s everyday operations, provided more comfortable learning environments and has led to them saving large amounts of money which can continuously be put back into the school.

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