The Imperial at Clifton


Clipsal C-Bus 5500SHAC, Commercial Automation

An iconic pub reopens with a modern, reliable and user-friendly commercial pub automation system.

An iconic, historic pub dating back to 1911 that sat vacant for 20 years, restored beyond its former glory. With respectful restoration and a beautiful combination of old and new, the Imperial Hotel maintains its reputation as an Illawarra landmark. ‘New’ including modern venue control and advanced automation – a Clipsal C-Bus 5500SHAC allows all the internal and external lighting to be controlled from Ethernet Touchpanels placed in key areas around the venue. Floor plans display where lights are turned on, and staff simply tap an area to pop-up the lighting control.

The venue primarily runs on time-based schedules tied to trading scenes: the main venue lighting, external lights, staff office lights and carpark lights all turn on and off at varied times on varied days, and the lighting levels automatically adjust from day to evening to keep the perfect venue ambience without staff involvement. Custom scripting allows staff to adjust and save these scenes to the lighting levels they would prefer from our simple, modern and user-friendly app interface.

Commercial Pub Automation should always have a very user-friendly app design since there will be a high turnover of staff in a fast paced environment. We program our systems to be effortless for the staff. You can view our commercial automation system developed for The Clifton at Imperial in the video below.


Commercial Pub Automation System with Floor Plan
Pub Management System Lighting Control

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