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Ryelec has been designing and installing CBus for many years. It was one of the first automation programs that we ever worked with and this extensive experience has seen us take on many complex jobs over the years – both in servicing and reprogramming, and also brand new installations. We specialise in custom CBus systems using advanced programming and modern app designs. Programmers from all over Australia and beyond use our award-winning app designs for their own systems. We are one of the most trusted named in Australia. We are programmers and also licensed electricians which means there’s no need to engage two parties to resolve your issues. If you’re having troubles with your smart home or venue system, we’re here to help with CBus repairs. This post will explore your options if your CBus has stopped working.


About CBus

CBus is a building management system from Clipsal by Schneider. It has been around since the 80s and has been consistently enhanced and improved. It has been one of the leading BMS options in Australia for decades, and of course has come up against some great competition since its inception. Nevertheless, it is a prominent solution found throughout buildings around Australia, and is being both upgraded in existing projects and installed into new buildings everyday. Nowadays, we see CBus controlled by the end user with the Clipsal Wiser Automation Controllers (5500SHAC/5500NAC/5500AC2/5500NAC2). This controller allows a complete custom app to be developed and displayed on tablets, webpages and phones for the building to be controlled from.

CBus is primarily a lighting control system, but can also control things like shades/blinds/windows, climate control, security, pool/spa control, irrigation, energy monitoring and some audio-visual + more. Being able to bring all these different appliances into one system is why it is often found at the core of home automation systems. Since it has been around for so long, naturally, we are now seeing some issues pop up with old systems and CBus repairs are necessary. Thankfully, it can be repaired or upgraded by any licensed installer; the original system installer doesn’t have to be involved. We can connect, document, diagnose, restore or upgrade any system. Since we are certified Schneider EcoXperts, we have access to the gear and equipment necessary for CBus repairs.


Common Reasons for CBus Repairs 


Indicators Flashing on Switches

One of the most common faults we see is an indicator on a switch flashing when pressed. This is a symptom of bad communication within the CBus network. In most instances it is caused by a faulty (or failing) power supply in the system. If this is happening to your CBus system on a regular basis then it is best to get it checked out ASAP as one failing power supply can put additional load on the remaining power supplies and cause them to fail. 


Colour Touchscreen Not Working

We commonly see issues with the old CBus Colour Touch screens. Sometimes these screens die completely, or sometimes
 the screen appears to be operating correctly but the commands aren’t actually executing – the lights aren’t switching on or off when pressing a button. This is usually caused by a CBus transmit circuit that has failed. This may be able to be repaired, or the touchscreen may need to be replaced with a different device. Colour Touch Screens are no longer sold by Clipsal and went ‘end of life’ in 2015.


Lights Randomly Turning On

Another issue we sometimes see with CBus is lights coming on at random times, without anyone pressing the switches. Particularly annoying when this happens in the middle of the night! This could be caused by a number of issues and can take some time to resolve. Thankfully, CBus is robust and this issue usually only occurs after defining events. For example, a lighting strike on the property. Lights turning on randomly is aptly referred to as a ‘ghost message’ – we have experience with this issue and can assist you with resolving it as quickly as possible. 



CBus Repairs

If you’re having issues with your CBus system, contact Ryelec to see what your CBus repair options are. If we cannot repair your system then we can cost-effectively upgrade your CBus to the latest control system. We can cross-reference your old file to quickly develop a new custom one with modern app designs to suit the modern home. Your new smart home control app will be displayed on modern touchpanels or iPads as well as a custom phone app.

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