Construction site security systems to keep your project safe

Construction Site Security Systems

Unfortunately, with no one living at the location yet, construction sites are often targets for theft and vandalism. That’s why construction site security systems are so important – to keep the expensive gear, tools and features of the home safe.

We are trusted and licensed providers of security camera systems, and alongside installing modern, advanced home security systems, we also provide temporary construction site security systems. When you take on a full electrical and automation contract with Ryelec, we provide complementary temporary security systems to monitor job sites from start to finish. We also offer this to other builders charged at a monthly fee.

Our construction site security systems firstly deter thefts from occurring as the cameras are visible; secondly, stop thefts in their tracks with alarms and strobing lights; and thirdly, capture the crime on camera with all angles covered and the footage stored.


Smart Cameras Combined With Smart Technology

A Ryelec construction site security system will typically include 3 cameras that run on 4G. These cameras allow the builder or project manager to login at any time and monitor the site. Having 24/7 monitoring of the site provides ultimate peace of mind in terms of security, but also in terms of project management, as having access to the site anytime from anywhere in the world provides massive convenience.

Scheduled into the system for after-work hours are powerful security features, such as the cameras flashing strobe lights and an audible siren if someone attempts to break in. The builders are alerted to this and can have a two-way conversation through the camera.

One of the security cameras we use is a 360 degree controllable dome, with pan, tilt, and zoom features to thoroughly check the site. After hours, this camera goes into an automatic patrol, moving around to survey the site. All our cameras have UPS battery backup, so if the power is cut they will still run for a full day on battery.


Construction Site Security Systems to Monitor Job Sites



The Best in High-Definition Construction Site Security Systems.

We use high quality cameras that perform 24/7. Gone are the days of blurry CCTV cameras if you invest in the right technology. Now we have high-definition cameras that perform all day every day, with incredibly clear image even in the dark. The sweep and zoom capabilities of these cameras are amazing, so you can check on all angles of the site and zoom in to get a closer view.
If you’re opting for construction site security systems, make sure they’re actually capable of protecting the site and will actually deliver results when you need them thanks to capturing recognisable footage of the criminals.


HD Smart Construction Site Security Systems To Monitor Job Sites


Security Cameras To Monitor Job Sites with Construction Site Security Systems



Construction Timelapse Videos

A Ryelec construction site security system is also great for producing construction timelapse videos. We program the cameras to take two snapshot photos per hour throughout the day for the duration of your project so we can put together timelapse videos to show milestones of the build. These timelapse videos are great for your marketing use and also to appreciate your progress and the hard work of your employees.


Security cameras to monitor job sites security cameras to monitor job sites

Big projects need big security. Temporary construction site security systems free of charge with a full automation and electrical contact with us, or available to builders for a monthly fee. Available now.


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