Louver Roof Uplevel with Automation

Automated Louver Roof For A High End Result


The Bunker House Gerringong is an incredible luxury holiday rental on the South Coast of NSW. Ryelec programmed a comprehensive smart home system at Bunker House which allows the entirety of the home to be controlled for a custom phone app or from wall-mounted touchpanels around the home. You can read more about our smart home system at Bunker House on our project spotlight. We opted for RTI technology for this smart home which allows for all the electrical elements of the home to be integrated into one system. Rather than grabbing many different remotes for TVs or blinds or needing different switches for lighting and thermostats – RTI allows all of these things to be tied into one solution. This makes the home much more user friendly and seamless.

Bunker House has many incredible features, such as a pool and sauna, electric vehicle charger, irrigation and multi room audio system to name a few. All of which can be controlled from the one smart home software. But of course, the oceanfront location is the most incredible thing about the home – sunny days spent at the Bunker House are what dreams are made of. Guests spend their time jumping between the ocean and the pool. The outdoor entertaining area with the pool and the outdoor speakers overlooking the ocean is guests’ favourite place to hang out at The Bunker House. And now this outdoor entertaining area has been enhanced once again by automation.


For rainy days or days where the sun is too harsh, Bunker House recently opted to install a motorised louver roof. These louvers can open, close or tilt to achieve the perfect amount of coverage for guests. We used automation to tie this louver roof into the system so that it can be controlled from phones, switches or touchpanels. Rather than add another remote or panel on the wall, automation allowed us to integrate this louver roof in for seamless and effortless control. This louver roof can also be added to time-based schedules to open or close at a certain time, or to adjust with the position of the sun throughout the day. Check out the incredible result in our video below.




Leave a Lasting Impression on Guests with Automation


The advanced automation system and high end feel that this creates leaves a lasting impression on guests. Whilst automation is increasing in popularity, it is still rare for people to experience a complete smart home system. Operating a smart home is enjoyable and memorable for guests, whilst also providing incredible benefits for the owners in terms of convenience and safety, as they don’t have to be at the home to monitor access and security.

The automated louver roof adds to this high end feel as guests can just press one button and the roof will adjust accordingly, rather than standing there and holding down buttons on a remote. We love the feel that this automated roof provides and we always enjoy heading to Bunker House and upleveling the smart home system.

Automation is exciting and luxurious. Contact Ryelec to enhance your holiday rentals or home with a smart home system.




Louvers installed by Louvretec


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