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C-Bus System Design

C-Bus is a building management system from Clipsal by Schneider. It has been around since the 80s and has been consistently enhanced and improved. C-Bus has been one of the leading BMS options in Australia for decades, and of course has come up against some great competition since its inception. Nevertheless, it is a prominent solution found throughout buildings around Australia, and is being both upgraded in existing projects and installed into new buildings everyday. Nowadays, we see C-Bus controlled by the end user with the Clipsal Wiser Automation Controllers (5500SHAC/5500NAC/5500AC2/5500NAC2). This controller allows a complete custom app to be developed and displayed on tablets, webpages and phones for the building to be controlled from.

C-Bus is primarily a lighting control system, but can also control things like shades/blinds/windows, climate control, security, pool/spa control, irrigation, energy monitoring and some audio-visual + more. Being able to bring all these different appliances into one system is why C-Bus is often found at the core of home automation systems. In Australia, C-Bus is considered to be more of an entry-level smart home software, with smart home packages available at a lower price point than other more diverse options like KNX. We regularly undertake C-Bus projects, whether that is for new builds, or for existing C-Bus projects for clients who are looking to retire their outdated system and replace it with a modern interface design and more advanced control.

From working with C-Bus for the last decade, we have watched the technology evolve and have supported this evolution through developing a number of graphics packages over recent years. These graphics packages are sample projects used by other integrators as templates to develop their own custom apps. Our graphics packages include hundreds of icons, wallpapers, CSS code, sample pages and user manuals to make the most of the C-Bus software. Our latest graphics package, Zenith, was awarded a CEDIA Award for Excellence in User Interface Design in 2023. Zenith is a modern design that makes working with the C-Bus software as simple as possible, and results in beautiful and user-friendly automation systems.


C-Bus Help

The Ryelec team has been working with C-Bus for a number of years and consider ourselves to have advanced knowledge on programming and designing with C-Bus. As such, we gladly help other electricians, integrators and automation enthusiasts with their C-Bus projects. We can assist with professional design, programming and installation of C-Bus systems. Ryelec are certified Schneider EcoXperts which means we are qualified to work with the software and have undertaken the necessary trainings. Our quick, meticulous and well-informed assistance allows our clients to deliver world-class smart home projects with C-Bus. Working alongside Ryelec makes your job as simple as possible, even if you have minimal experience in the automation industry, as we do all the groundwork for you. Ryelec can solve C-Bus issues very quickly and efficiently thanks to our extensive programming knowledge and our contacts in the world of C-Bus. We have bought many old, clunky C-Bus systems back to life beyond their former glory, using app designs that suit the modern home. We have also programmed many C-Bus projects for commercial venues, both in Sydney and all around Australia. C-Bus is well-known in the commercial automation world and being able to create custom apps can revolutionize business operation practices as Ryelec can use neat floor plans of the venue so staff can easily tell what they’re adjusting. We can remotely program your C-Bus home or venue project from our Heathcote office.


If you’re looking for help with your C-Bus project, please reach out to Ryelec. We provide support charged at an hourly rate. We can usually complete an entire system in a few days. We will include the cost of the relevant Zenith graphics package and use that to develop your custom app designs. We will also provide you with that Zenith package so you can use it on future projects if you wish.
We work with several advanced automation systems at Ryelec, not only C-Bus, so we can provide unbiased advice for those looking for more information about which system would suit their project best.

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Smart Home App Graphics for C-Bus System App Design for Building Automation with C-Bus System



Luxury Smart Home App Template for Clipsal CBus Smart Home Design  Clipsal CBus Smart Home Design Template Package


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