C-Bus SHAC & NAC Interface Package


Take your automation projects to the next level

The beauty of automating with Clipsal's C-Bus SHAC & NACs is their unique ability to be completely customisable. But, this customisable power can be a little overwhelming. Especially when you have little design experience. We get it. That’s why we created Quartz. This Interface Package takes the hard work out of designing – simply load, customise and install. Your time is better spent on programming, on-site, or working on multiple jobs at once - save your time, invest in Quartz and let it do the hours of work for you.

The Quartz crystal has a Smoky Quartz variation, and so does our Quartz package. The stark whites and neon oranges of the Quartz icons look equally as beautiful on both light and dark backgrounds, so alongside the soft, gentle lighter Quartz sample project you will also find the Smoky Quartz sample project with dark, sleek backgrounds so you can easily create a stunning interface to match any home, all from the one package. Both styles are ultra-modern and minimalist, utilising the small splashes of colours on the icons to stand out – they embody simplicity to keep the pages user-friendly, intuitive and cutting-edge. You’ll find Quartz seaside, in homes with lots of natural light and natural materials. Earthy elements look great next to Quartz ~ timbers, concrete, terrazzo. If you want to see more inspiration of where Quartz fits in, view our Pinterest board ~ 

Quartz Light and Dark GUI

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When you purchase Quartz you get unlimited downloads of a file that is about to save you hours of time and add so much value to the finished projects you are supplying to your customers. Included in your download is a 15-page detailed user manual of working with Quartz and the Clipsal Configurator in general. We’ve been told that this document is so helpful it should be used in the Clipsal training! You’ll also get the Quartz Icon Pack with 379 icons that can be used on any project you need. And alongside those, you’ll get the ultimate – the Quartz Sample Project. A completed home automation project with everything done for you. Pre-loaded pages, icons, layouts, widgets, backgrounds, scenes, schedules, scripting, CSS coding and more. You just simply customise it to suit your job and you’re finished! 

Dashboard UIX Smart Home
Dashboard UIX Smart Home

Sample Pages

Each customer of yours has a unique style and a unique home, so the home automation system should be designed to match it's surroundings, especially when it's being displayed on walls around the home. This package includes both Quartz & Smoky Quartz, so you can easily create a project to match your customer's light or dark style home using the same Ryelec package. The sample projects feature two navigational setups, either using a floor plan or room links to individual control pages with lights, blinds and climate control all adjusted from the one page.  The sample project comes with 41 pages featuring elements that a high-level home automation system would involve - lighting, blinds, air-conditioning, pool control, security, irrigation and more. 

Room Icon Page Links
Smart Home UIX


Icons are the star of any interface – they are the necessary component; they do the controlling. But our icons go beyond simple on and off buttons. The Quartz icons are art. High-definition, SVG format icons that retain their quality no matter how big or small they are. Simple icon backgrounds with splashes of neutral, smooth colours across them; thin, minimalist, hand-drawn linework in obvious shapes to distinctively represent their purpose; the Quartz icons shine in their simplicity, making for effortless, uncluttered interfaces. Whilst Quartz is primarily light-coloured, the variations of icons also blend beautifully with dark backgrounds, meaning that Quartz can be modified to suit any space. Purchase Quartz and you get 379 custom icons that are frequently used in automation. Room icons, scenes, weather, lighting, indicators, climate control, blinds, audio-visual, security, and so.many.more. All with an ‘On’ and ‘Off’ state version. Plus, if there’s one that you need that we haven’t made yet, we’re happy to add to our collection for you!

Backgrounds & Images

The Clipsal Configurator does not provide you with any backgrounds or shapes or a method of creating any, so without one of our Interface Packages it can be difficult to find high quality options, especially in the right size and colours, and then you have to add them all into the editor. Quartz comes with 218 backgrounds and images pre-loaded. These vary from plain coloured backgrounds with menu bars, to shadow squares and rectangles, to standard buildable squares and rounded rectangles. The idea behind this particular package is to give you a way to create your own shapes within the Configurator so that you don’t need to go anywhere else for your images. You can combine several of the shapes provided to suit any page you’re building. Each shape comes in around 20 different colours so you have an array of design tools at the ready. Plus, our helpful document has the HTML codes of those shapes so you can use the same colours for plain backgrounds or text. And we’ve also revealed our method of creating horizontal and vertical lines since there is also no option of this in the editor. Our Backgrounds and Images lay the foundations of beautiful pages.

Graphics Pack Home Automation
Smart Theatre UIX
Smart Security GUI
Smart Pool Control
Smart Irrigation Control
Smart Home GUI
Smart AV Control


This package comes as a compressed folder download. In this folder is:

  • Extensive document detailing how to work with the Clipsal Configurator. This provides a massive amount of information on how to get the most out of a SHAC or NAC.
  • 15 pages of information where every single sentence will teach you something about designing and automating.
  • Quartz Icon Pack with 379 icons. All useful. This is also pre-loaded into the Sample Project.
  • A complete C-Bus 5500SHAC & 5500NAC sample project.

Pre-loaded into the project is:

  • 2 sample projects to demonstrate what is possible
  • One project is Quartz Light with white and grey backgrounds. The other project is Smoky Quartz with black and dark grey backgrounds.
  • Both projects include 2 navigational setups: one using a floor plan and lighting indicators, the other using room icons with glowing icons scripted to appear when lights are on in that room. Both options link to individual room pages featuring all controllable features.
  • Dashboard homepages with an instant overview of the home and quick links for fast control
  • 41 sample pages with functioning navigation and objects
  • 6 layouts that can be used for multiple pages
  • 218 backgrounds and images in a variety of colours which are the foundation of beautiful pages
  • Buildable shapes with shadow work to make them pop out from the page
  • Custom CSS coding to change the default Clipsal purple colouring and create custom slider
  • Widgets pop-ups with transparent backgrounds
  • Glowing indicators that are perfect for showing which lights are turned on
  • Scripting and scenes that can be tailored to your project
  • Date and Time script
  • Extensive object list to demonstrate best practice for programming
  • Project optimised for both Tablet & Smartphone
  • Ongoing support available with Ryelec. We can answer any question you have or create any icon you need, fast.
  • Custom 3D floor plans in the Ryelec style available for an additional cost
  • *Please note this project is mainly for Visualisation purposes thus minimal programming is included

Important Information

Hardware Requirements

Users must purchase their own Clipsal C-bus 5500SHAC or 5500NAC and use the web-based software as per Clipsal instructions.

Product Delivery

This template comes as a compressed file, so to work with it, extract the downloaded file, read the instruction document, and then using the Clipsal Configurator, navigate to Utilities > Restore and select the 'QUARTZSampleProject' file from the location it is saved to on your computer.

Product Licensing

This Ryelec template can be used on an unlimited amount of your own projects but under no circumstances can you share the file with anyone else who has not purchased the template from the Ryelec website.

Quartz, an Automation Template Package designed and developed by Schneider Electric certified personnel and Light & Room Control EcoXpert partner.

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